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Why do we go into Business?

I googled this – there are many articles. Below are the responses from the articles that feature on the first page of the search.

  1. Control Your Schedule.
  2. Work From Anywhere.
  3. Make More Money.
  4. Pursue a Passion.
  5. Live on the Edge.
  6. Escape the Rat Race.
  7. Discover Your Purpose.
  8. Call the Shots.
  9. Build Your Own Career.
  10. Your Life Needs The Flexibility.
  11. Create Your Own Career Opportunity.
  12. There's Demand For What You're Selling.
  13. You Want To Make Money.
  14. Hate Your Day Job.
  15. Want To Help Other People.
  16. You Want To Make A Difference.
  17. To Increase Your Income.
  18. To Have An Additional Job.
  19. To Be Your Own Boss.
  20. To Get Freedom.
  21. To Gain Job Security.
  22. To Enjoy Life By Doing What You Love.
  23. To Meet A Need In The Market.
  24. To Develop Your Own Creative Skills.
  25. To Have Influence.
  26. To Enjoy Recognition.
  27. Controlling your schedule.
  28. Your job will be secure.
  29. Your income isn’t capped.
  30. You take pride in yourself.
  31. Your story.
  32. Tax advantages.
  33. Your legacy.
  34. Making a difference.
  35. Job creation.
  36. New skills.
  37. Your personal life.
  38. Each day at the office will be motivating.
  39. You’ll be following your passions.
  40. You can pursue social justice or support non-profits.
  41. You can achieve financial independence.
  42. You can control your lifestyle and your schedule.
  43. You can start from scratch.
  44. You’ll get tax benefits.
  45. You’ll have true job security.
  46. You’ll become an expert at a broad range of skills.
  47. You can be creative.
  48. Work on things that matter to you.
  49. Get a personal education.
  50. Make more money.
  51. Job security.
  52. Flexible schedule.
  53. Cash in on tax benefits.
  54. Fill a void in the community.
  55. Everyday brings new challenges.
  56. Surround yourself with good people.
  57. Acquire the quality of life you want.
  58. Take on a career in a completely different field.
  59. Never work a day in your life.
  60. Tap into hidden creativity.
  61. Startup resources are plentiful.
  62. Turn your vision into reality.
  63. Be the boss you’d want.
  64. Overcome a layoff.
  65. Create a sellable asset.
  66. Join the wave of the future.
  67. Spend more time with your children.
  68. Create a legacy.
  69. Share your talents with others.
  70. Delegate responsibilities that you don’t like.
  71. The internet offers more sales possibilities.
  72. Personal fulfillment.
  73. Build a variety of skills.
  74. Keep someone else from taking your idea.
  75. Create the atmosphere you want.
  76. Be a rock star.
  77. Own your decisions.
  78. Flexibility. Work your own hours.
  79. More spare time (eventually).
  80. Call the shots. 
  81. Set your own deadlines. 
  82. Sell how you want to sell. 
  83. Create your own environment. 
  84. Create something from scratch. 
  85. Meet new people. 
  86. Build a team. 
  87. Create jobs. 
  88. Help people. 
  89. Become an expert. 
  90. Invest in yourself. 
  91. Make more money. 
  92. Financial independence. 
  93. Tax benefits. 
  94. New challenges every day. 
  95. Get exposed to new cultures. 
  96. Discover new fields. 
  97. Create an asset. 
  98. Connect with your clients. 
  99. Delegate boring tasks. 
  100. You can stop working. 
  101. The power to give. 
  102. Get involved in the community. 
  103. Improve your industry. 
  104. Get a mentor. 
  105. Become a mentor. 
  106. Learn new skills. 
  107. Attend new classes and seminars. 
  108. Have a big office. 
  109. Work from anywhere. 
  110. Have the option for multiple ventures
  111. Gain entrepreneurial experience. 
  112. Get recognized. 
  113. Get things done faster. 
  114. Build a personal brand.
  115. Get more creative. 
  116. Reduce your commute.
  117. Have more job stability.
  118. Find pride and fulfillment.
  119. Reach your dreams. 
  120. Learn to embrace failure. 
  121. Leave something behind. 
  122. Change the world. 
  123. Resources are plentiful. 
  124. There’s nothing stopping you.