1. Do you have an accounting / bookkeeping system in place that you are comfortable / satisfied with?
2. Do you have a budget and projected cash flow forecast for the next 12 months?
3. Do you know what your break even point is?
4. Do you have a good understanding of your gross profit and net profit?
5. Do you have a process in place for monitoring and collecting money from your customers?
6. Do you have a process in place for monitoring and paying your suppliers?
7. Are you up to date with your lodgements and payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)?
8. Are you keeping up with your employer obligations (e.g. PAYG Withholding; Superannuation; WorkSafe; and Payroll Tax)?
9. Do you regularly review your prices?
10. Do you speak to your accountant on at least a quarterly basis?
11. Do you have a business plan?
12. Have you developed any Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?
13. Do you engage in annual tax planning with a view to reducing your tax liabilities?
14. Do you know the balance of your superannuation and where it is invested?
15. What are your short-term business goals?
16. What are you long term business goals?
17. What are the main frustrations that you experience from your business?