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Thinking of applying for business finance?

You may not have thought about this, but the amount you will be able to borrow will depend on the Value of your Business.

And that Valuation will usually depend on the prior 2-3 years of Financial Statements. 

If your main objective in those years has been to Save Tax, this will be reflected in those Financial Statements and will now effectively mean, your business will be valued *lower*, thus lowering the amount you will be able to borrow.

How might you plan this better?

We’ve put together a Complimentary Mini-Course that we call “Rich Exit, Poor Exit”.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Rich Exit, Poor Exit Ebook [PDF], 

  • 6 ‘Over the shoulder’ Tax Planning vs Business Value Video Walkthroughs, and

  • DIY Rich Exit, Poor Exit Google Sheet 

Become part of the 7% of Business Owners whose business is worth $1m or more (whether you choose to take on Business Finance or not).

Click here to learn more:

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