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Growth is great, but continuously improving and adding value to your business creates long-term profitability. At McNamara and Company, we don’t just focus on better business. We focus on giving you business advice, services and tools you need to continuously add value and unlock long-term sustainable growth.

Working with your business advisor, you’ll identify opportunities, define new strategies, and build a stronger business foundation. In turn, giving you the confidence and insights to drive better, more profitable business.

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Business Advisory Services

Create a clear path towards your business goals

You may have business goals in place, but do you know what steps and strategies you need to get there? Perhaps you set goals every year only to find you never reach the finish line.

Get access to a business advisor and gain proactive and practical business advice aligned to your goals. Whether you’re looking to boost profitability, meet growing demands, or expand your business, we’ll help you get there.

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Tax Advisory and Accounting Services

Could your business be increasing your tax?

Is your business structure and operations putting you in a bad position come tax time? There are many aspects of running a business that can impact how much (and when) you owe tax.

As well as completing tax returns and BAS statements, we can help you uncover ways to reduce your tax obligations and leave more money in your pockets.

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Creating value for your business

Growth is great, but continuously improving and adding value to your business creates long-term profitability. At McNamara and Company, we don’t just focus on better business. We focus on giving you business advice, services and tools you need to continuously add value and unlock long-term sustainable growth.

Working with your business advisor, you’ll identify opportunities, define new strategies, and build a stronger business foundation. In turn, giving you the confidence and insights to drive better, more profitable business.

Thanks McNamara and Co you are the first accountant service I have used and it has taken the stress out for me completely. So I will be sure to come for you for advice again.

Ben Cooper - Pixelrodeo

I have been working with Tanya and Liam for quite a few years now after having several accountants before hand I am so glad I was put on to them. I run a medium size business and they have saved me endless amounts of stress. They are extremely helpful and at the top of their field which allows me to operate at the peak of my business. Whenever I have a question they are there straight away to help things run so smoothly. They came highly recommended to me and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to make life easier and stress free.

Russell McSly - King of Courts

The team at McNamara & Company have looked after my organisation for several years and have been extremely helpful and generous with their time and services provided. The entire team is very friendly and professional and we couldn't recommend them more. They are always quick to help and are very easy to get in touch with. We use them for our financial statements and tax requirements.

IASRB Coordinator

We changed to McNamara and Co earlier this year, at a time when we needed our finances up to date, with the added pressure of a limited deadline.  Liam, Tanya and Fatma delivered, and continue to support.
• Continual up-dates on all COVID 19 business advice
• Pre- end of financial year meeting
• Ongoing assistance maintaining our accounting system.
We are very pleased to have made the move; I would highly recommend the team at McNarmara & Co. Accountancy.

Jenny Cassidy

Innovative, progressive Accountants who educate their clients along the way. Highly recommended.

M Borg

We have been clients of McNamara and Co for over 10 years. They have assisted us with both tax planning and business advisory. Our business has expanded and so have our assets.

Megan Harrison

You will not find anyone as dedicated to their work and as knowledgeable about taxation as Liam from McNamara & Co. Liam provides services far beyond simply completing tax returns. He really thinks about the business he works with to streamline and maximise their ongoing growth.

Luke Kelty

We have multiple investments and businesses with McNamara and Co. Their initial structuring advice and ongoing advice has put us in a strong financial position.

Daniel – Richmond

McNamara and Co helped set up our Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Their attention to detail and timely advice keeps the fund running smoothly with minimal fuss.

Ivan - Essendon

We have our business; investments and Self Managed Super Fund with McNamara and Co. Their guidance over the years has helped improve our financial position. They meet with us on a regular basis to assist with the setting of goals and to ensure that we are achieving them.

Chris and Anne-marie

We changed to McNamara and Co in 2015. Liam and the team took the time to understand our business and have taken the stress out of managing our taxation obligations. Through the Business Advisory Service Liam assists us to analyse the performance of our business and challenges us to set goals and implement strategies to achieve them. The support we receive from Liam, Tanya and Fatma is always professional and prompt and has been invaluable to growing our business. It's a great working relationship.

Mandy Hean

McNamara and Co have been invaluable in assisting us with taxation and accounting compliance, particularly with enabling us to navigate the complexities and specifics of the R&D Tax Incentive on three yearly returns. Without their work, the process of registering for and ultimately receiving our tax concessions would have been daunting. Their efforts have allowed us to concentrate on our core business, comfortable that our accounting requirements are being taken care of.

Fenn Bailey and Tom Howard

Prior to McNamara and Co our accounting systems were messy. They meet with us on a regular basis to keep things under control. We have also used them to grow - increasing the cashflow, profitability and revenue of our business.

Laura and Adam

We have commercial property in both our Super Fund (SMSF) and in our joint names. Using Xero McNamara and Co have made the administration and tax side easy.

D and L White

McNamara and Co have been our accountants since 2016. Since then our business has experienced large growth in both its revenue and profit. Liam meets with us to ensure we minimise our tax bills and looks for ways to improve the business and cash flow.

B and M Kennedy, Melbourne

I have used McNamara and Co for over 10 years, they take care of all my tax and accounting problems, allowing me to concentrate on my business. I have always found Liam and his team professional and dedicated in providing me with all the service I require. I can not recommend McNamara and Co highly enough to any individual or company for all of their accountancy needs.

Trent – Electrician

Liam helped me to establish my SMSF and provides me with the accounting services I need to ensure I meet my statutory and tax obligations. Liam, Tanya and Fatma have helped me to navigate the complex tax and accounting requirements of buying the properties inside my SMSF. They also liaised with my lawyers and Lender to ensure the process was seamless.


I've been very happy with Liam and the team at McNamara & Co over the last few years and would recommend them.

Chris Northwood

Liam and his team have helped our business tremendously. He has given us an amazing insight to our business which has increased our profit and given as a lot of clarity overall. I find Liam professional, concise and very responsive and would highly reccomend his services.

Ben Castelluccio

Scared of Accountants? Do numbers freak you out? No really. Would you rather stick pins in your eyes than do tax? Fear no more.. as my Accountants for the last 5 years (after moving away from a large firm) both Tanya and Liam take the stress out of every aspect of your business - the day to day and growth strategies if that is your thing. Not to mention they have a great network of amazing people to help you every step of your financial journey. It helps that they are both all round lovely people that genuinely want to see the success of their clients. Now I do not 'refer' people lightly and UNLESS they fit my profile of pure awesomeness and i believe in this instance it would simply be unfair of me (utter selfishness actually) if i didn't share my thoughts and refer them. You can thank me later :)

Briony Kennedy, Founder & CEO - Adorn Cosmetics

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The latest news and insights

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17 July 2024

What is my Break Even Point?

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30 June 2024

Time for a Business Plan.

A business plan should ultimately be tailored to your particular situation, be concise and easy to understand and follow.  While completing your business p…

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22 June 2024

New Year’s Resolutions. Goal Setting. 2025 Financial Year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know about McNamara & Company?

Here are some commonly asked questions to help you get to know our services and what we do.

What business advisory services do you provide?

We offer a number of business advisory services including business planning and structuring services, cashflow forecasting and budgeting, business performance and financial reporting, goal setting, and business health check reviews.

These services are available to businesses in Melbourne and across Australia.

What areas of Melbourne and Australia do you provide business, taxation and accounting services for?

McNamara and Company is a family owned and operated accounting and business advisory business based in Melbourne, Australia. While our head office is in Melbourne, we provide taxation, accounting and business advisory services to small to medium sized businesses across Victoria and Australia.

What is cashflow forecasting?

Cashflow forecasting is the process of estimating the amount of cash coming in and out of your business. Forecasting helps you understand your financial commitments and future cash positions as well as helps you create more accurate budgets.

Cashflow forecasting is a service we provide as part of our business advisory services.

What do I need to prepare my business tax return?

When preparing your business tax return, there are a number of areas you need to review - including your income, rental properties, repairs and maintenance, employee costs (if applicable) and fringe benefits tax (FBT).

A chartered accountant and business advisor like McNamara and Company can advise on what data and references you’ll need to prepare your annual business tax return. We also have a handy business tax return checklist available to get you started.

Simply contact us to book your taxation appointment and we’ll prepare your business tax return on your behalf.

How do I start a business?

The first step to starting a business is understanding what business structure is right for you, and the structure you choose impacts how tax obligations and financial reporting requirements.

If you’re unsure what structure is right for you, book 1:1 time with a business advisor. We’ll guide you to the right business structure for your needs, setting up your structure and managing the relevant business registrations. We can also advise on ongoing compliance and reporting requirements you may need to consider.

Ready to take your first step to better business and unlock opportunities for true business value?

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